Priority Service

Priority Service Pricing

Priority Service pricing only applies to auto/driver tickets. Both legs of a round-trip auto/driver ticket must be for the same service. If Priority Service is not offered for both legs, two one-way reservations must be made. Passenger fares are the same for Standard Service and Priority Service.

Rules of Priority Service

  • Priority Auto Tickets are only available for passenger vehicles less than 20 feet.
  • Priority Auto Reservations arriving at least 20 minutes prior to departure will be loaded onto the vessel as early as possible. These Priority Autos will be loaded in a manner that will permit them to be unloaded first, or nearly first upon arrival at their destination. Priority locations will avoid the use of lift decks and fixed upper car decks whenever possible.
  • Priority Auto Reservations will also be permitted to arrive at the ferry terminal until 10 minutes before the departure, and not lose their reservation
  • Priority Auto Reservations arriving between 19 minutes and 10 minutes before the departure will be loaded as quickly as possible, but first off service cannot be guaranteed if they arrive at the terminal at less than 20 minutes prior to departure.
  • Priority Auto Reservations arriving at the terminal at less than 10 minutes before the departure will lose their Priority status and be put in regular Standby if the vessel is booked.
  • Priority Service will not afford passengers additional benefits in accessibility. Passengers needing accessibility assistance should follow our accessibility guidelines.

Refund Policy

All cancellations will be assessed a $5 processing fee per vehicle, per direction. Same day cancellations made prior to departure times will be assessed a $15 late cancellation fee per vehicle, per direction. Unused reservations, or those not cancelled prior to departure time will be subject to forfeiture of the entire amount.