Cross Sound Deli Deli Selections

Cross Sound Deli provides food service on all vessels and in all terminal locations. Offerings include Seattle’s best coffee, a wide selection of breakfast, sandwich and snack options, craft beers, specialty cocktails and more.

The vessel JENNIFER C offers specialty salads and sandwiches along with a full lounge offering draft, canned and bottled beers, wines, and cocktails. On the vessel NEW LONDON there is a more limited menu of food items and draft beer, wine and cocktails are served. There is no lounge on the vessel. The CARIBBEAN FERRY has only snack items and canned non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. The SEA JET offers hot pretzels, Nathan’s Best hotdogs, pastries and other snack items along with draft beer, wine and cocktails.

Larger ferries offer cocktail lounges with full service bar.

*Menu items available at most locations.