Guidance for Disabled Passengers and Passengers Needing Assistance

Cross Sound Cruses strives to make its service safe, reliable, and accessible for all passengers. The following guidelines provide specific information on how to take advantage of the accessibility features available aboard our vessel and at our terminals. This Guidance is available on our website at and by request in printed form at the ticket office and aboard the ferry.


The New London Ferry Terminal is fully accessible to all. Handicap parking is available at the facility. Ramps for wheelchairs allow full access to the ticket office. Accessible restrooms are also available in the ticket office. The ferry terminal offers access to the vessel through wheelchair accessible, boarding ramps.


The SEA JET is accessible to the main passenger deck, which provides large accommodations, excellent views, accessible restrooms, and food service. Service Animals are permitted aboard the vessel.


Reservations can be made online at or over the telephone (860) 444-4620. Persons who are deaf or hard-of-hearing can be connected to our reservation call center through a text telephone relay service (TRS). The TRS can be reached by dialing 711 and asking to be connected to (860) 444-4620.


Vessel schedules are subject to change without notice. Please call ahead to verify specific vessel departure times. (860) 444-4620.


We recommend that you arrive at the terminal at least 30 minutes prior to your departure time. When you arrive at the terminal it is important to tell the booth attendant your accessibility requirements so they can direct you toward our handicap parking located near the boarding area.


The following safety information is normally provided through the public address system at the beginning of each ferry crossing. It is provided here for the hearing impaired: “Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome aboard the SEA JET, operated by Cross Sound Cruises. Federal Regulations require us to inform you as to the location of life jackets. Life jackets are located beneath the labeled bench seats in the upper and lower passenger cabins. Life jacket instructions, safety equipment locations, and evacuation routes are posted throughout the vessel. Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with these instructions. In the event of an emergency, the crew will give you further instructions. This vessel is equipped with a computer operated ride control system for your traveling comfort, however, the vessel may still experience unexpected movement, so we ask that you use caution when moving about the cabin. Because sea conditions may be rough, please remain seated unless it is necessary to move about. Passengers are asked to keep all carry-on luggage with them at all times during the trip. The consumption of alcoholic beverages not purchased onboard the vessel is prohibited. Passengers are encouraged to report any suspicious activity or disorderly behavior to the nearest crewmember. Thank you for sailing with Cross Sound Cruises aboard the SEA JET.” DURING THE TRIP If you need any assistance during the trip, please notify a crewmember.


In any situation in which any person complains or raises a concern with a Cross Sound Cruises employee about discrimination, policies, or services with respect to passengers with a disability, and the employee does not immediately resolve the issue to the customer’s satisfaction or provide a requested accommodation, the customer has the right to contact the Ferry’s Complaints Resolution Officer (“CRO”). The employee will provide the customer with the CRO’s name and phone number in a format the customer can use. The employee will also offer access to a Cross Sound Cruises phone for the purpose of contacting the CRO at no cost to the customer. The CRO has the authority to resolve complaints on behalf of Cross Sound Cruises. The CRO is intended to be Cross Sound Cruises’ “expert” on compliance with accessibility Regulations and has the authority to overrule decisions made by other employees, except that the CRO may not countermand a decision by the master of a vessel with respect to safety matters. Cross Sound Cruises has designated Chris Anglin to be its CRO. His telephone number is 860-443-7394 x293. If Mr. Anglin does not answer the phone, the customer should leave a voicemail with a return phone number. If Mr. Anglin does not promptly return the customer’s phone call, the customer should contact one of the substitute CROs. Block Island Express has designated Richard Sise and David Riley as substitute CROs. They may be reached at 860-443-7394, extensions 233 and 243 respectively.